Additional Training Sessions for Aysar


    In order to cover the needs of the Colleges in relation to Aysar Training, we are offering additional sessions as per the table below. If you have any concerns or additional information needed please contact us on extension 92530 or edutech AT


Training Session




Tentative Date and Time



Super User OR Administrative Staff (Local Administrator for each college) – at least one from each college. Staff with IT background is preferred.

  1. College of Medicine-Riyadh
  2. College of Science and Health Professionals-Riyadh
  3. College of Applied Medical Sciences-Riyadh
  4. College of Dentistry-Riyadh
  5. College of Pharmacy-Riyadh
  6. College of Nursing-Riyadh
  7. College of Public Health and Health Informatics-Riyadh
  8. College of Medicine-Jeddah
  9. College of Nursing-Jeddah
  10. College of Science and Health Professionals-Jeddah
  11. College of Applied Medical Sciences-Jeddah
  12. College of Pharmacy-Jeddah
  13. College of Nursing-Al Ahsa
  14. College of Applied Medical Sciences-Al Ahsa
  15. College of Pharmacy-Al Ahsa

19th April, 2016

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM


Al Razi Meeting Room, COM-R

Data Entry Staff (Faculty, Course Coordinators) – at least two from each college.


Remaining colleges who didn’t reply or showed up in the first training session. This should also include colleges from Jeddah and Al Ahsa who could join us via video conferencing or Skype.


20th April, 2016

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM


Al Razi Meeting Room, COM-R

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