New Journal Packages in the Digital Library Service


Corporate Educational Technology Services is pleased to inform that Health Science Library has added
the following journal packages to Digital Library Services (ac-knowledge)

1-CINAHL complete - for nursing and nursing subjects
2-American Chemical Society (ACS) Journals - for pharmacy,basic sciences and other related subjects



KSAUHS LIMS (Library Information Management System) Training


As a part of initiative taken by Corporate Educational Technology Services to establish a Central Library Information Management system for King Saud Bin Abdulaziz university for health sciences, A full length training for SIRSISYNIX Symphony system of four days specifically targeted for library staff was executed from 9-12 March, 2014. Further, a separate session for System administrator training was arranged and executed at 10 April, 2014.




Announcing Phase 1 SiS Roll Out - Admissions

We are pleased to announce the closure of Phase 1 of the University SiS Implementation Project (Campus Solution) which was implemented by the University's Educational Information Technology Services Department (EDUTECH).

Phase 1 of the project included the rollout of the University’s SiS Online Undergraduate Admission System which resulted in the receipt of 11,427 application for the offered University programs in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Al Hasa. This is the largest number of applicants the University has received in the past 6 years with 30% increase of applicants compared to 8,048 last year.

The remaining two phases of the project are planned to be rolled as per the following schedule:

University SiS Implementation Project

Approved Rollout Approach

Phase ID

Rollout Date

Delivered Modules

Phase 1

15 June 2013

· Online Admission – Undergraduate

Phase 2

28th Sep 2013

· Online Admission – Grad and Postgraduate

· Registration

· Examination

· Student Financials

· Academic Progression

· Profile Data

· Graduation

· Alumni

Phase 3

28th Dec 2013

· Postgraduate Event Management System

· Scholarship

· Faculty & Course Evaluations

· Student Services

· Visiting Professors Module

Complete In Progress Future Stage

On behalf of every member in the University’s SiS Implementation project, we are grateful for all who contributed during the rollout of Project Phase 1, especially the Deanship of Admission & Registrations for their immeasurable support. We seek continuous support from all University members during the next roll out of the Project’s two remaining phases.

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