Enterprise IT Security

Enterprise IT Security

Service Description:

If you need to protect your information and information systems from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, perusal, inspection, recording or destruction, this service is available for policy violation and security incident investigation.

Service level targets:

Policy violation and security incidents will be investigated on a priority basis dependent on severity and threat level to KSAU-HS Systems and services.



Service hours of availability:

          Saturday through Wednesday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

User Requirements:

Contact the Helpdesk Department to report a computer security incident and please have the following information available (as appropriate):

1.  Your name, department and contact information.
2.  The host name and IP address of the computer (if known).
3.  The date and time that the incident occurred.
4.  Details of the incident.

Activity List:

1.  Developing and enforcing IT security related policies that encourage best security practices.
2.  Creating and implementing procedures for responding to IT security incidents.
3.  Evaluating security aspects of new technologies and define IT security requirements for implementation at KSAU-HS.
4.  Identifying and evaluating current IT security trends and threats, and applying solutions for KSAU-HS as appropriate.
5.  Developing and maintaining documentation and guidelines for securing servers and workstations at KSAU-HS.
6.  Serving as the KSAU-HS authority and central point of contact for IT security incidents.
7.  Investigating and participating in solutions for IT security incidents at KSAU-HS.
8.  Investigating, implementing, and monitoring IT security tools for KSAU-HS (including firewalls and intrusion detection systems).
9.  Monitoring IT security and audit logs on a regular basis and resolve risks as required.
10.  Conducting reviews on a regular basis of IT security risks at the Institute and implement or recommend changes as appropriate.
11.  Providing consultation and risk analysis for new and existing systems, including cost, vulnerability and solutions.
12.  Developing, implementing and administering IT security training and awareness (especially for system administrators).
13.  Providing direction, guidance, and education to members of IT Operations and the KSAU-HS community to assure compliance with IT security standards and appropriate use policies.
14.  Providing technical expertise in computer and network security.
15.  Investigations of abuse of IT Policies and Procedures (Telecommunications Use, Network Operational and Security, etc.).

Request Initiation:

In order to receive this service, please request it through the Helpdesk either by the Online System or Email.



Support Contact Point:

Contact the EduTech Department at Ext# 92530 or through:

      Web :        Helpdesk System

            Email :       EduTech or Helpdesk

      Mail Code: 3114

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