Help Desk Services Policy


Policy No.:ETP-A-22-1                                                                                                                                                                                  Effective:2nd Oct, 2011 


KSAU-HS             King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences

UNIVERSITY        King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences

EDUTECH             CorporateOffice of Educational Technology Services

HDS                     Help Desk Services

DIRECTOR            Director of the Corporate Office of Educational Technology Services

IT                         Information Technology

ITS                       The College’sInformation Technology Department

MANAGER            Information Technology Manager


This policy establishes and regulates the Help Desk Services (HDS) as the initial point of contact for all Educational Information Technology Services requests, in each college in all regions.


The policy applies to all users of EduTech Resources within KSAU-HS.


  • EXHIBIT ETE-O- 22-4 Helpdesk Requests Severity Level
  • EXHIBIT ETE-A- 22-2 KSAU-HS Supported Item List
  • EXHIBIT ETE-A- 22-3 Password Reset Procedure


  • It is the sole responsibility of KSAU-HS Helpdesk services to provide required support to all KSAU-HS users with efficient and effective use of IT infrastructure  and minimize interruption due to service and system failures.
  • The support request methods are available at KSAU-HS.
  1. Through the online Helpdesk system
  2. By calling to Helpdesk number (Service Desk)
  3. Walk-in to service desk
  • Both call and walk-in requests will be entered in the Helpdesk system by service desk personal and will enter the queue and attended to according to priority.
  • Colleges’ IT Managers, IT Coordinators, Technical Supervisors, or assigned IT representatives are responsible to make sure that:
  • The Online Helpdesk system is available in respective colleges wherein users can login and submit support requests.
  • A Help Desk Service office at his/her designated area of services is prepared, and is accessible to the walking-in end-users. At minimum, the Help Desk Service consists of the following:
  1. Qualified technical staff to answer incoming calls. The assigned person to answer calls and log service requests must have at least basic level of technical knowledge to support users on the phone if needed.
  2. A phone extension to receive calls.
  3. A computer connected to the network and the Help Desk System to record and assign the received requests.
  4. A Daily log book to log simple help services that can be provided immediately at the HDS site, to record service request when the system in unavailable.
  5. A file cabinet to save important files like troubleshooting  procedures, self service guides and self step-by-step procedures.
  6. A Bulletin Board to present the working hours, break times, and announcements.
  • HDS services, contact information and procedures are announced and to ensure that contact information is available in all Educational Premises including classrooms and computer labs, as well as in the supported departments’ areas.
  • Training and support provided to students, staff and faculty on how to use the system, and to continually ensure the proper use of the system in their areas.
  • Support service requests and activities are periodically monitored, including supply consumption rate and availability, escalated service requests and incidents, support technicians load and assignment, tasks completions progress, users complains and satisfaction.
  • Corrective actions are taken to ensure that service requests are handled effectively, systems and network health is high, supply parts are available, incidents are escalated, and that service support is available continuously during work hours.
  • Preventive maintenance is routinely planned and implement to assigned hardware and software, and results are reported to EduTech Department.
  • The Help Desk Services is to act as the first point of contact with all end-user service requests related to the use and operation of EduTech Resources. The HDS staff resolves those issues within its capability and passes on to higher levels of technical support those requests requiring their services.
  • All EduTech technical staff members in all regions are considered a HDS member and governed by this policy when service request is addressed or escalated to him.
  • All Help Desk Services requests must be logged in to the centralized Helpdesk System Service in use and operation by EduTech.
  • Hours of Operation:  At least one HDS technician will be at the desk from 08:00 AM until 05:00 PM, Saturday through Wednesday, except official holidays. The goal is always to provide someone on-site to address urgent issues.

Service Scope

The HDS provides first-line support for all IT hardware and software purchased by the University. The HDS does not:

A-Support equipment that is not purchased and used for the University's benefits. This includes equipment belonging to employees, students, on-site contractors, or other non-University equipment.

B-Answer questions about unsupported technology, support staff, or concerns unrelated to Helpdesk service.

C-Provide telephone directory assistance or forward outside calls to inside employees.

D-Take messages to pass on to others at a later time.

E-Take absence-reporting calls from IT employees.

Terms of Support:

The HDS provides support for all hardware and software mentioned on the supported item list. As time permits, the HDS staff may assist with nonstandard IT hardware and software support. Nonstandard IT hardware and software includes items that were not procured by EduTech, were not officially assigned to EduTech, or are not per EduTech Standards.

How to Support

  • A major value of the HDS is the immediacy of someone answering the telephone during the mentioned hours of operation. At least one HDS technician will remain at the desk, unless on planned scheduled breaks.
  • A major value of the HDS system is to log every service request and follow it until successfully closed.
  • The HDS staff do not visit end-users sites to address problems. The HDS dispatches technicians to visit end-users.
  • Walk-in end-users to the HDS areas will wait until all of the online requests and incoming calls have been addressed. Online requests and incoming calls always take priority.
  • Password Reset Procedure: Password reset is a common user issue for the HDS staff. For security reasons, HDS staff will follow the User Validation process in the Password Reset Procedure step by step with no deviation.

System Status

  • The HDS is also responsible to monitor the PC, Audiovisuals, and Network health using network-monitoring tools provided by EduTech. HDS must notify the appropriate support staff if a problem occurs.
  • The HDS will notify the immediate technical supervisor and/or the appropriate application/system administrator immediately in the event of any problems which are severity level 1 or 2 (Severity Level Matrix).


The HDS staff will track all incoming calls. Simple calls are tallied on a sheet with "tick" marks. Calls that take longer than three minutes to resolve or that are referred to someone else will be entered into the Service Desk database.

Approved By:

Director Corporate, Educational Technology Service
King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences


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