Incident Management

Incident Management


Service Description:

This service supports the process for managing technology-related inquiries for all ITS users. This service is critical as it:

  • Provides a single point of contact for clients.
  • Delivers responsive support to the University’s academic and administrative services.
  • Supports changes across academic, administrative, technology and process boundaries.

Service Level Objective:

Service level targets:

Core KSAU-HS Support:

First contact from Help Desk:

  • Severity 1 —2: upon discovery and verification of the service outage by ITS, immediate to 15 minutes via updated messages on the main Help Desk phone number during regular operating hours.
  • Severity 3 — 6: within 2 hours via phone and 4 hours via e-mail, during regular operating hours.

    Troubleshooting / resolution* on a priority basis:
  • Severity 1 — KSAU-HS or campus-wide or Building outage: 3 hours or less.
  • Severity 2 — Classroom or departmental / work group outage: 4 hours or less.
  • Severity 3 — Single client outage: one working day (to point of temporary or permanent workaround).
  • Severity 4 — Single client has partial outage with workaround: 4 working days.
  • Severity 5 — Single client has minor problem: 5 working days.
  • Severity 6 — Service request for new work or submitted via self service: scheduled as per estimated service request turnaround times determined by the Help Desk at the time of the request submission.
Note : Troubleshooting and resolution will be coordinated by the Help Desk and dispatched to the appropriate ITS group.

Limited Support:

First contact from Help Desk within one working day.
All further work will be estimated and scheduled as time permits.

No Support:

No assistance available. However, the Help Desk may be able to direct you to other resources.

Incident measurement:

90% user satisfaction (where surveys are rated as “satisfactory” or “very satisfied”).

Users of this Service:

Faculty and Staff:
All current KSAU-HS faculty and staff are eligible for the following support:

Requests for information.

Client reported incidents (i.e., something is not working or behaving properly or missing).

Password resets/lockouts for all those with valid KSAU-HS network accounts holders are eligible for support.

In addition, instructional staff are eligible for the following support for computers in the labs and lecture theaters:

  • Emergency Hotline
  • Student printing support
  • Requests for software installations (via the software request form)

Furthermore, all administrative and instructional staff can receive the following support for computers in their offices:

  • Changes and resets for existing local Windows, administrative network, and GroupWise accounts.
  • Full product assistance for Core KSAU-HS Support products and limited product assistance for Limited products.
  • Requests for cabling/network drops.
  • Requests for new hardware set-up and configuration.
  • Requests for equipment moves (assistance with disconnect and reconnect only).
  • Requests for hardware service.
  • Computer re-images, if other troubleshooting methods fail.
  • Software installs (Core KSAU-HS Support and Limited Support products only).
  • Administrative rights to their computers (only instructional faculty when requested through their department chair).


All currently registered students are also eligible for the following lab support:

  • Student printing support

Tenants and other non-KSAU-HS groups:

  • Support will be provided as outlined in your Service Level Agreement.

Not Included:

  • Support for computers not owned (or leased) by KSAU-HS.
  • Non-supported products.
  • Personal home computing support.
  • Support for non-KSAU-HS activities (e.g., games, personal business, etc.)  



Service hours of availability:

        Saturday through Wednesday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

        Service available on Weekends as special request.

User Requirements:

Contact the Helpdesk through the access methods listed in the How to Access this Service” section below. Please have the following information available (as appropriate):

1.  Your KSAU-HS network user name.
2.  Your name, department and contact information (phone, office/lab location and e-mail).
3.  Location of the affected equipment.
4.  The KSAU-HS asset number, serial, part number of the affected equipment.

Request Initiation:

In order to receive this service, please request it through the HelpDesk either by the Online System or Email.



Support Contact Point:

Contact the EduTech Department at Ext# 92530 or through:

      Web :        Helpdesk System

            Email :       EduTech or Helpdesk

      Mail Code: 3114


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