Internet Acceptable Use Policy


Policy No.:ETP-A -18-4                                                                                                                                                                                   Effective:2nd Oct, 2011


KSAU-HS            King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences

UNIVERSITY       King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences

EDUTECH            CorporateOffice of Educational Technology Services

DIRECTOR          Director of the Corporate Office of Educational Technology Services

IT                       Information Technology


This policy defines the appropriate usage of the internet and how access to the internet will be managed and monitored, to safeguard the proper usage, content and data integrity by protecting the network from security risks such as viruses, malwares, intrusions and unauthorized access.


The policy applies to all network devices of University and other devices connected to University network.


  • Policy ETP-18-1 Internet Connection Policy
  • Justification Form


All users must adhere to the following when using University facilities or mobile devices to connect to the Internet:

  • Access to the Internet is provided for Official and Educational purposes and must not be abused for personal use.
  • Official or Educational purposes includes research and educational tasks that may be found via the Internet that would help in achieving educational requirements for students’ and employee's roles.
  • Commercial use, which is not connected to or approved by the University, is strictly prohibited and will result in disciplinary procedures.
  • Internet access in the University campus is available only via the University infrastructure. Users should not connect to the Internet via personal WiFi, GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, USB, 3G and 4G devices on University computers connected to the network.
  • Users are expected to act ethically and responsibly in their use of the Internet and to comply with the relevant Saudi legislation, the KSAU-HS Information Acceptable Use policy, regulations and codes of practice.
  • Users must not post messages on newsgroups or chat areas that    are likely to be considered abusive, offensive or inflammatory by others.
  • Users must not use the KSAU-HS Internet connection to scan or attack other individuals/devices/organizations. The use of port scanners or other hacking or cracking tools is extremely prohibited unless for an approved procedure by EduTech (an approved course of study, maintenance procedure, penetration testing etc.).
  • Users should be aware that the public nature of the Internet dictates that the confidentiality and integrity of information cannot normally be relied upon.
  • Where a requirement exists to send or receive confidential or commercially sensitive data over the Internet, a security mechanism recommended by the IT Security Specialist should be used.
  • Passwords used for external Internet services should not be the same or similar to passwords used for services accessed within the University. This is to prevent passwords that grant access to University IT resources being sent out on the Internet in clear text where any Internet user can potentially see them. Similarly, any username used for the external Internet services should not be the same or similar to a University username.
  • Software copyrights and license conditions must be observed. Only licensed files or software may be downloaded from the Internet.
  • The use of the University Internet Connection to download or distribute copyright material using peer-to-peer applications is strictly prohibited. EduTech reserves the right to disconnect any machines involved in illegal file distribution from the University network.
  • All devices connected to the Internet must be equipped with the latest versions of anti-virus software, which has been both approved and supplied by Edutech.
  • All forms of data received over the Internet should immediately be virus checked.
  • All forms of data transmitted from University over the Internet should be virus checked in advance.
  • Data, which has been compressed or encrypted, should be decompressed or decrypted as required before virus checking.
  • All security incidents involving Internet access must be reported to the EduTech Data Center operations.
  • The equipment, services and technology used to access the Internet are the property of KSAU-HS and the University reserves the right to monitor Internet traffic and monitor and access data that is composed, sent or received through its online connections.
  • All sites and downloads may be monitored and/or blocked by the University if they are deemed to be harmful and/or not productive to business.
  • The use of instant massaging through messengers or websites is strictly prohibited unless otherwise approved by EDUTECH and will be monitored and are only for official needs.
  • The use of Skype is allowed through special approval by the Justification Form for specific users and locations and is strictly for educational and official meetings.
  • Computer resources are not unlimited. Network bandwidth and storage capacity have finite limits and all users connected to the network have a responsibility to conserve these resources. As such, Users must not deliberately perform acts that waste computer resources or unfairly monopolize resources to the exclusion of others. These acts include, but are not limited to, sending mass mailings or chain letters, spending excessive amounts of time on the Internet, playing games, engaging in online chat groups or other social media, uploading or downloading large files, accessing streaming audio and/or video files, or otherwise creating unnecessary loads on network traffic associated with non-business-related uses of the Internet.
  • EDUTECH has the right to monitor and log and archive any and all aspects of its computer systems including, but not limited to, monitoring Internet sites visited by Users, monitoring chat and newsgroups, monitoring file downloads, and all communications sent and received by users via Email, IM & Chat & Social Networking.
  • EDUTECH has the right to utilize hardware and software that makes it possible to identify and block access to Internet sites containing non-work-related content such as (but not limited to) Drug Abuse; Hacking; Illegal or Unethical; Discrimination; Violence; Proxy Avoidance; Plagiarism; Child Abuse; Alternative Beliefs; Adult Materials; Advocacy Organizations; Gambling; Extremist Groups; Nudity and Risqué; Pornography; Tasteless; Weapons; Sexual Content; Sex Education; Alcohol; Tobacco; Lingerie and Swimsuit; Sports; Hunting; War Games; Online Gaming; Freeware and Software Downloads; File Sharing and Offsite Storage; Streaming Media; Peer-to-peer File Sharing; Internet Radio or TV; Internet Telephony; Online Shopping; Malicious Websites; Phishing; SPAM; Advertising; Social Networking; Political Organizations; Web Chat; Instant Messaging.
  • EduTech reserves the right to disconnect any machines or users involved in violation of this policy even without prior notification.

Approved By:

Director Corporate, Educational Technology Service
King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences


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