Lecture recording policy


Policy No.: ETP-A-37-1                                                                                                                                                                             Effective: 30 March 2013 


KSAU-HS University               King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences

EDUTECH                                 CorporateOffice of Educational Technology Services

IT                                            Information Technology

LMS                                         Any Learning Management Systems, Including Blackboard

VOP                                         Voice-over-Power-Point (VOP)

Content Administrator           The College/Department assigned LMS administrator.


  • This policy aims to set a user agreement between EduTech as a service provider and the KSAU-HS Community as a service user.
  • The policy organizes the lecture recording service, and ensures quality of service, user’s privacy protection, and control of recorded contents, copyright and access[A A1] .


This policy applies to all KSAU-HS Faculty, Students, and staff. It also includes the educational contents, service provided, and the technology used to fulfill the service.


  • KSAU-HS Blackboard System Use Policy
  • Waive Lecture Record Form


  • EduTech is responsible to provide recording services for lectures, presentations, and special events. The service can be requested as per the set up procedure for this purpose.
  • EduTech might record and broadcast each and every lecture, presentation and special events without users’ prior notification.
  • EduTech supporting staff who are available at the recording venue must inform the presenter and attendees that a recording will be in process.
  • If any lecturer does not want to have a particular lecture recorded and/or uploaded to the LMS, he/she must fill the “Waive Lecture Record Form”.
  • The “Waive Lecture Record Form” must be approved by the College Dean or Department Director.  The form should be submitted to EduTech, KSAU-HS, one (1) week prior to the intended lecture date.
  • Female Lecturers who don’t want to appear in the recorded presentation must request to have their lectures recorded as “voice–over-PowerPoint” (VOP) presentations.
  • VOP recorded lecturers are not visible; rather it offers only the voice recording. The VOP presentation will be posted for viewing only through KSAU-HS LMS.
  • Recorded lectures will be made available only for the course enrolled students and faculty members. It is the responsibility of the Content Administrator at every College/department to make sure that only enrolled students and faculty can see a course’s contents.
  • Those Female Lecturers who still wish to waive the recording must follow the same process mentioned in 5.4-5.5.
  • Only Students and Faculty who have password access to the LMS course content will be able to see the recorded lectures / presentations.  Users who are granted access to contents they are not entitled to see or use must inform the College’s/Department’s content administrator immediately.
  • The recorded lecture/presentations files are played and viewed directly through KSAU-HS LMS. As a condition to access the Learning Management System, approved users agree to not capture or reproduce any part of the lecture recording.
  • Downloading the recorded lectures/presentations from the KSAU-HS LMS is strictly prohibited.
  • Any alleged violation of the agreement will result in a professional conduct investigation and appropriate action.

Approved By:
Director Corporate, Educational Technology Service
King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences


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