Symphony Library Data Entry Policy


Policy No.:ETP-28-5                                                                                                                                                Effective:12th Oct, 2014



KSAU-HS      King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences
UNIVERSITY     King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences
EDUTECH      Corporate Office for Educational Technology Services
IT     Information Technology
SYMPHONY     An integrated library management system and consortium management system
LC     Library of Congress Classification System uses letters and numbers (Call Numbers) to arrange library materials so that books and other type of materials on the same topic or subject are together on the shelves.
NLM     A system of the National Library of Medicine for the arrangement of library materials in the field of medicine and related sciences used internationally
RFID TAG      Radio Frequency Identification Tag that contains the Item ID Number of the materials.



This policy will regulate the process of data entry for the Symphony/Sirsidynix systems and all related processes.



This policy covers all aspects of the SirsiDynix Symphony which is an integrated library and consortium management system. Symphony provides comprehensive ILS functionality, including both basic and advanced capabilities, for:

  • Acquisition
  • Cataloguing
  • Circulation
  • Serials Control
  • Reservation
  • User Registration
  • Overdue Notices
  • Report Generation



Data Entry is a critical aspect of the Symphony system and therefore should be done with precision and care, verifying all editing and deletions.

4.1 Duplication: All data must be verified and checked against the Catalog or existing data and should not be imported directly from the smart port. Before data entry, the bibliographical data should be verified and if it is already present in the system, simply add the item ID or IDs only.

4.2 Addition / Deletion: Caution should be taken when deleting or editing existing data in order to avoid deletion of previous data. To avoid deletion of entries of other libraries, there should be only one authorized person to delete entries from the system. Deletion should be made upon request and only by the owner of the item.

4.3 Classification: The System will provide both LC (Library of Congress) and NLM (National Library of Medicine) classification schemes. A college should choose and use only one classification scheme for all of its books. Concurrent use of both specified classification schemes is not permitted

Examples of this NLM classification are:

Elaine N. Marieb.
Essentials of human anatomy & physiology. 10th Ed.

Emanuel Rubin
Essentials of Rubin's Pathology 6th.ed
QZ 4
RB 111

Victor F. Froelicher
Exercise and the heart 5th.ed
WG 141.5
F 926e

Anatomy of LC classification is

34.5 The First two lines - represent the book number (taken from the main subject headings)
M37 The Third line - represents the author’s last name
2012 The Last line - represents the date of publication

4.4 Barcode: The Barcode must be 14 characters in length, which includes the Location of book / library code and Code of Type of material. The following is a sample bar code

02 00003 0000001 (without any space)

4.4.1 First 2 digits (02) represents the location or the library

Library Code
Library, College of Medicine Male - Riyadh 001
Library, College of Medicine Female - Riyadh 002
Library, College of Nursing - Riyadh 003

4.4.2 The next 5 digits as the type of Material Code (optional): 

  • Material Type Code
  • General Reference Books 00001
  • Reserve Books 00002 
  • College of Nursing Books 00003 
  • Book Club 00013 
  • Instructor’s Manual/Teacher’s Guide 00113 
  • Books in Arabic Script and Language 00004 
  • CD 00005 
  • DVD 00025 
  • VHS 00035 
  • Cassette Tapes 00045 
  • e-Books 00055 
  • Books in Clinical Studies Area 00006 
  • Maps 00007

4.5 Book Spine Format:


WR Classification
C126 Cutter Number
2014 Year of Publication


QP Subject Classification Number
M37 Author Number
2012 Year of Publication

4.6 Circulation Policy:

4.6.1 Journals are not included in the circulations.

4.6.2 Circulation books are loaned for requests made in person.

4.6.3 Books should be returned on or before the due date.

4.6.4 Recalls for borrowed materials are made from time to time personally, through the phone or by e-mail for the following reasons:

• Materials are long overdue.
• Urgent need by other library customers, even if the materials are not yet due.
• Inventory purposes.

4.6.5 Copy #1 should never be circulated and remain in the library only as a reference.

4.6.6 Multi-volume books are given the uniform title or the series title so that they will be shelved in the same location.

4.7 For Faculty:

4.7.1 Faculty is allowed to borrow 4 books at one time.

4.7.2 The Book Loan period is for 30 days only.

4.7.3 Renewal is for a period of 15 days only (renewal may be done only twice).

4.7.4 Weekends are not included in loan period.

4.7.5 Overdue notices will be given 3 days after the due date, and three notices will be sent every 3 days consecutively.

4.7.6 Recall: The borrower will be notified to return overdue items to the Library either by email or phone call.

4.7.7 Borrowing privileges of Faculty members and employees with overdue accounts (unreturned books and/or unpaid library fines) are suspended until they settle their library accountabilities. However, they may use the library materials inside the library premises only.

4.8 For Students:

4.8.1 Students may borrow 2 books at any one time.

4.8.2 The student loan period is 14 days.

4.8.3 Renewal for student loans is 7 days only (renewal may be done only twice).

4.8.4 Weekends are not included in loan period.

4.7.8 Overdue notices will be given 3 days after the due date, and three notices will be sent every 3 days consecutively.

4.8.5 Recall: The borrower will be notified to return overdue items to the Library either by email or phone call.

4.9 RF ID: The RFID tag should be pasted on the last cover page, alternate location as indicated in the Pad Staff workstation.

4.10 Book Reservation: Books will be reserved for 24 hours only. If the borrower did not collect the book from the library during this time period the book will be returned to the shelf.



Date Revision #  Description of Change
14/4/14 1.0 Initial creation
25/09/14 2.0 Content Updates



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