System Integration

System Integration 

Service Description:

If you need the same information to be available between multiple systems, our System integration expertise could be used to integrate existing (often disparate) subsystems. The subsystems will have interfaces. Integration involves joining the subsystems together by “gluing” their interfaces together. If the interfaces don’t directly interlock, the “glue” between them can provide the required mappings.



Service hours of availability:

          Saturday through Wednesday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Activity List:

  1. Analyze the tools used to create different systems that need to be integrated
  2. Identify the common media between the systems
  3. Define the strategy to ensure smooth integration of the systems
  4. Document the procedure and proceed with the plan
  5. Test the outcome of the process and perform different levels of testing

Request Initiation:

In order to receive this service, please fill the Justification  Form, approved from your departmental head, and submit it to the Helpdesk through email or by courier MC 3114. Just click the link Request Here.

Request Here



Support Contact Point:

Contact the EduTech Department at Ext# 92530 or through:

      Web :        Helpdesk System

            Email :       EduTech or Helpdesk

      Mail Code: 3114

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