Wired Network

Wired Network
Service Description:

If you need to connect PC, printers and photocopiers to network by using cables, you can apply for  wired network services.



Service hours of availability:

          Saturday through Wednesday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

User Requirements:

Contact the Helpdesk and please have the following information available (as appropriate):

1. Your name, department and contact information.

2. Your Username.

Activity List:

  1. Designing and maintaining all logical network structures to include physical (hard wired and wireless) and virtual private networks.
  2. Installing and maintaining all network components (switches, routers, firewalls and wireless access points).
  3. Installing and maintaining network management and packet analysis software.
  4. Performing tuning on all network segments.
  5. Troubleshooting network failures and connectivity problems.
  6. Interfacing with external service providers (e.g., System Computing Services), external contractors, and other external entities.
  7. Coordinating and terminating new cabling requests.
  8. Specifying and coordinating cable plant installation.
  9. Activating network drops.
  10. Ensuring network security through the use of filters, access lists and firewall configuration.
  11. Planning for future capacity requirements or upgrades.
  12. Evaluating, recommending and purchasing of network equipment.
  13. Researching technological developments for networking.
  14. Network Disaster planning and recovery.

Request Initiation:

In order to receive this service, please request it through the Helpdesk either by the Online System or Email.



Support Contact Point:

Contact the EduTech Department at Ext# 92530 or through:

      Web :        Helpdesk System

            Email :       EduTech or Helpdesk

Mail Code: 3114

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