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Online Services

Collaboration: Share documents, photos or other files to work on projects or share knoweldge and ideas.

Room Booking
ORB supports the work of staff to reserve meeting rooms or labs throughout most of the University.

Feng Office
Feng Office is an effective collaboration and task assignment program. Documents can be uploaded, workspaces created and users assigned tasks either as an individual or as a team.

Paperless is a document tracking and archive system for departments to manage their official communications.

A system to manage student academic data. It provides students with a gateway to various applications including scheduling, grade summaries, and attendance records.

Office 365
Microsoft Office package for students; includes programs like Word, Excel and OneNote along with a KSAU-HS email Outlook account.

Web system to track programs, courses, departments and course coordinators as well as create, review, approve E-Forms required by NCAAA.

Question Mark
A platform for instructors to measure knowledge and skills through a reliable and valid question bank.

KSAU-HS Symphony
Library management system with Online Public Access Catalogue.

Employee Certificate
KSAU-HS Library
Library management system for KSAU-HS

Email Service
Web based email service

An enterprise system which allows students, faculty and staff to manage student academic and biostatisitcal information.

Blackboard (LMS)
Blackboard allows students to extend their classroom education with online sources, submit assessments and quizes, discussion boards and more.