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BlackBoard Training for Faculty And Staff

BlackBoard Training for Faculty And Staff

Training Description

This training will provide the fundamental knowledge about Blackboard Solutions which are implemented at KSAU-HS to empower faculty with essential skills to build and offer their courses. The Faculty members will be able to build content, communicate and collaborate, and assess their students.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, the participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the user interface – layouts and customization
  2. Design Course structure and Menu
  3. Manage communication through announcement and Email
  4. Build course contents using text, files, multimedia, and Mashups
  5. Create and Manage assignment
  6. Create and manage discussion
  7. Identify different methods of communication – audio, chat, and video
  8. Manage classroom interaction
  9. Manage Whiteboard content

Training Topics

Blackboard System Environment

Building Courses

Designing Course Structure

  • Social Learning Tools
  • Course Structure, Themes, and Welcome Page
  • Course Menu
  • Course Customization
  • Module Page (Home Page)
  • Notification Settings
  • Announcements, Instructor Contact Information
  • Calendar
  • Email and Messages

Presenting Dynamic Content

  • Course Organization
  • Content Editor
  • Video Everywhere
  • Accessibility Improvements
  • Course Files, Links to Folders
  • Course Links, Files, Tool links, and Web Links
  • Mashups, such as You Tube, SlideShare, and Flickr
  • Folders, Learning Modules, and Lesson Plans
  • Achievements
  • Goals Alignment

Assessing Learners

Creating and Managing Assignments

  • Assignment Process
  • Assignment Options
  • To Do and Needs Grading Notification Modules
  • Creating and Linking Rubrics
  • Inline Grading
  • Download Files
  • Group Assignments
  • SafeAssignments
  • SafeAssign Reports

Creating and Managing Tests & Surveys

  • Assessment Cycle
  • Creation Process
  • Auto-Graded Question Types
  • Instructor-Graded Question Types
  • Creation Settings and Test Deployment Options
  • Question Import
  • Grading Tests and Viewing Statistics
  • Assessment Item Analysis
  • Question Sets and Pools
  • Random Block Tests
  • Surveys

Mastering the Grade Center

  • Column Organization and Manual Grade Entry
  • Display Options and Settings
  • Grading Periods and Schemas
  • Download Grade Center to Excel
  • Calculated Columns for Average, Total, and Weighted Grades
  • Grading Exceptions
  • Smart Views to Customize Display
  • Color Coding

Designing Engaging Discussions

  • Forums and Threads
  • Options for Organizing Discussions
  • Discussion Enhancements
  • Effective Question Design
  • Forum Settings and Roles
  • Adding Grades and Comments

Building Communities Online

  • Groups and Group Sets
  • Group Management Building Block
  • Manual, Random, and Self-Enroll Options
  • Group Communication Options
  • Group Assignments
  • Group Options for Adaptive Release and Smart Views
  • Blogs – Individual, Group, and Course Options
  • Journals – Public and Private Options
  • Wikis – Options for Monitoring Participation and Grading

Questions and Evaluation