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Getting Started - Faculty & Staff

Getting Started - Faculty & Staff

EduTech welcomes our Faculty and Staff and offers them educational technology support. Below is a brief list of services our staff can utilize to support their work environment and facilitate their teaching experience.

Email Account:

As a new faculty or staff, your department admin staff should submit a New User Account Form to ITS with a copy of your badge.

  • You will be automatically assigned an email account username with a password. This information will be sent to your mobile. Once you get your temporary password, please update it with your own secure password. In the event that you need to update, unlock your account or reset the password, please see the Password Management section.
  • The user name and password are unified across all University platforms to make all accounts seamless with single sign on. This means that you can access Blackboard and SiS with the same username and password as your email account. Therefore, it is critical that you never share your password with anyone.
  • Each user is responsible for the security of their accounts, therefore we advise on creating strong passwords and updating them frequently.
  • Email is the University's official means of communication with you, so Bookmark it and be sure to check it often. Your account will be


This is the University's Student Information System which centralizes all of the student and instructor data such as grades, biometrics, courses, and so on. Access is given once you are enrolled and given your email user account and password. The SiS Add Instructor form needs to be submitted to EduTech for new faculty. All college websites as well as EduTech, have quick links for SiS.


Once you have received your email user account and password, and are registered in courses, you can access the Blackboard system in order to add or update course materials, blog sessions or discussion groups depending upon the course design. All college websites, as well as EduTech, have quick links for Blackboard.

Connecting to the Network: Network connections are now being managed by IT Services (link)

Wireless: Password is provided by each Colleges' IT Technicians.

Wired: All lab computers are already configured to wired internet.


All University Users receive an Office 365 license with their email account and should sign in with their KSAU-HS credentials. This also offers Microsoft Office for 5 additional devices/laptops. This license also provides each user with 1 terabyte of space on Open Drive.

University App's:

The University offers a few App's to facilitate the flow of information so students and faculty can keep up to date with their tasks, grades and due dates among other information. KSAU-HS SiS Mobile and Blackboard Learn apps can be downloaded from the Play store or the links below, for both IOS and Android handheld devices.

Collaboration:All user accounts for 365 come with access to Yammer, an online collaboration tool whereby users can create study or discussion groups, share documents, photos and notes etc. Any University user can access Yammer through this link and sign in with your username and account.

Password Management: For returning users (before 2016) passwords can be reset or accounts unlocked through the self-serve PRset System and new users (After 2016) currently will need IT support to resent or unlock until the license for the PRset System is renewed. If you need password support please contact EduTech at +966-11-429-2530 or +966-11-429-2527