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An enterprise system which allows students, faculty and staff to manage student academic and biostatisitcal information.

Service at a Glance

Service Availability


Initial Support Response Time

Acknowledged within 24 hours
Fix based upon category: Level 1: 8 hours, Level 2: 3 days and Level 3: 2 weeks

Services And Offerings

Student Information System (SiS) offers the following services:

  • Student Admission Management
  • Student Registration Management
  • Student Enrolments Management
  • Student Schedules Management
  • Student Attendance Management
  • Student Grades Management
  • Student Status Management
  • Student Transcript Management
  • Student Survey Management
  • Student E-Services Management


Faculty, Students, and staff

Rates Free
Requirements *

Students are provided access to SiS automatically once DAR has processed their admission. However, faculty and staff need to fill the SiS Add/Update Privilege form in order to gain access to SiS. The forms should be either sent to MC 3114 or emailed to Edutech for processing.

Where to submit them?
IT department in the same college.

Service Owner EDUTECH
Contact Details

* Except during scheduled maintenance.
* N/A if there is no requirements.