The National eLearning Platform – FutureX is an initiative to empower the e-Learning sector and enhance competencies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in a flexible manner. KSAU-HS, represented by Corporate Educational Technology Services, aims to enhance and develop the practices of the digital education for the University’s community. Therefore, the University has subscribed to the FutureX platform to provide programs and educational materials at a competitive price. The platform’s objectives are to enhance the reliability of e-learning and training in order to offer learning opportunities that match the needs of the future. Additionally, it will improve the response speed to e-learning changes and enhance its efficiency in partnership with the most prominent training platforms such as Coursera, Edx, in both Arabic and English languages.

FutureX Objectives:

  • To enhance trust in eLearning and training
  • To contribute in development of the e-learning sector by providing reliable and accessible e-learning content
  • To provide sustainable e-learning by providing specialized training courses on a unified platform
  • To provide access to all high-quality educational programs in various fields and specialties

FutureX Advantages:

  • More than 10,580 courses, training programs and professional certifications
  • Intensive training opportunities in several fields with the best universities around the world
  • Educational opportunities offered for a year from start date
  • Provides innovative paths related to the needs of the learner in partnership with international bodies

Main learning areas:

Research Business & Management
Communication and Information Technology Health
English language Artificial Intelligence
Self-development and social development Office Skills

Main partners of FutureX:


Target Audiences:

Students, teachers and faculty, staff in different fields

Subscription fee:

  • 563 SAR for Coursera
  • 747 SAR for Edx
  • 1125 SAR for both

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The service validity is one year from the date of subscription.

Communication and Inquiries

Ext: 92565 - 925220

  • All registrations are completed via the FutureX website, which will be confirmed upon receiving the registration fee.
  • Registration is valid only if the registration form is completed and submitted.
  • The registrant should receive an official receipt after payment of the registration fee and no further actions shall be taken without presenting the original receipt.
  • Approval and enrollment of the end user/registers will be conducted during normal business hours.
  • The service validity is one year from the date of subscription (Subscription attribution (day work/ not off days/holidays or within specific hour time)
  • FutureX respects the intellectual property rights of our Content Providers, instructors, users, and other third parties and expects our users to do the same while using the services.
  • After confirming the registration and the enrollment is verified no refund or cancellation of the subscription fees is allowed under any circumstances.
  • After confirming the registration and the enrollment is verified, no change of the chosen subscription platform can be accepted..
  • Please verify accuracy of all registration data. Errors may result in delayed access until rectified. The subscription period is one full year and no extensions are permitted due to such errors.