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Training Webinars

EduTech Training Webinars for the Academic Year 2022-2023

Online training for faculty, students and staff

First Term
Second Term
Blackboard Groups
Wednesday 22/03/2023
Microsoft Word Module 5
Tuesday 02/05/2023
Microsoft Excel Module 2
Wednesday 24/05/2023
Blackboard Test
Thursday 01/06/2023
Blackboard Grade Center
Wednesday 14/06/2023



We provide the University's LMS implementation and tools configuration, LMS User Management and Support, Instructional Design, and training of faculty, staff and students on the best utilization of the several systems. Additionally, we evaluate new systems or updates in order to provide our community with the best and up-to-date technologies.

Software Development & Innovation

We offer Departments' or colleges' development needs for various programs or applications which support the University's goals. The development of academic, administrative systems and web applications are to improve the University's working environment as well as automating administrative and academic processes.


We offer various training support for EduTech systems such as Blackboard, SiS and SAMS and other eLearning best practice webinars. Some are on demand while others are prescheduled sessions.

Audio Visual Support

We provide Tier-2 in depth AV-Technical support to the following technologies:

  • Audio Visual planning and configuration
  • Meeting Support - Connecting meeting rooms via MS Teams, Webex, Zoom, & Video Conferencing Unit (POLYCOM)
  • Workshop/Virtual Conference - Virtual workshop/training via MS Teams
  • Classroom Support - Room preparation/troubleshooting

Students Information System
Students Academic Management System
e-forms to Perform
Medical Internship Management System
Edu-Inventory (Soon)
Tools Lending Library
EduTech E-Forms System
Room Booking
Room Booking Management System
Learning Managment System
BlackBoard Collaborate
Virtual Classes
Blackboard Ally
Course Content Accessibility Tool
Plagiarism Detection
Plagiarism Detection
Blackboard Test Generator
Exam Format Converter Tool
Blackboard Test
Blackboard Assessment Tool
Assessment Management System
Library Tracking System
The Saudi Digital Library
Primal Pictures
3D Human Anatomy System
International Academic Publisher

About US

Corporate Educational Technology Services (EduTech) was established in May 2011, to develop the utilization of information technology for both research and education in all departments and colleges of King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences.


EduTech strives to continuously improve the quality of eLearning best practices in health care education by enabling its beneficiaries with technology and e-pedagogical skills


EduTech aims is to become an outstanding eLearning department to support the mission of KSAU-HS in providing world class educational outcomes in the field of health care education.

Strategic Goals

  • ...
    Improve the Quality of the University eLearning

  • ...
    Increase Efficiency of the Beneficiaries in Adapting Educational Technologies and eLearning Methods

  • ...
    Automate the Academic and Educational Process in the University

Departmental Structure

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King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences
Corporate Educational Technology Services
P.O. Box: 3660, Mail Code: 3114, Riyadh, 11426


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011-429-92530 / 011-429-92546

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